About Us


Mission Statement: Through Look @ Life, we aim to help people create brighter moments in their everyday world. We believe that laughter and gratitude help us to cope and navigate challenging times...no matter what the circumstance!

Founded by Nico Gammal and Elizabeth Rose, Look @ Life, an e-commerce store centered upon finding daily micro-happiness was created as a passion project that during the COVID-19 quarantine. As recent Stonehill College graduates, Nico and Elizabeth were eager to use both their interest in business and self-improvement to design a brand where positivity and empowerment radiates from their products.

The brand name, Look @ Life was created in hopes of inspiring others to examine their life outside of their typical daily routine, challenging them to discover all aspects of the world around them. By truly looking at your own life, we hope that each person can find daily micro-happiness within them.


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